Welcome to Savannah High School scholarship page!  Scholarships will be listed in order of due date and will include access to the scholarship application.  It is important that you follow the due date listed on this page and not on the scholarship application. This allows us time to review your applications and contact you if we find any errors or missing documents before you send your application in. If you would like for us to send in your application, we would be happy to do so as long as you have an envelope and stamp included with your application. All scholarship that say "local-submit to Counseling Center" will be mailed by the Counseling Center. If you apply for scholarships through an online application and need a transcript or other documents please see Mrs. Hughes in the Counseling Center. 


A month by month list of scholarships typically available through the Counseling Center are listed in the 2018-2019 Scholarship GuidePlease note this is to be used as a guide only!  The scholarships and deadlines listed in the guide were developed from last year's database and are not a complete list of all scholarships available.  This page will provide you with the updated eligibility criteria and scholarship applications.  As scholarships become available during the year we will post them on the website here.



**IMPORTANT-Please read all of the below before working on scholarships!

**Make sure your applications are typed and have the necessary documentation before you turn it into Ms. Madsen to be checked.

**Follow the deadlines on this page to ensure that the counselors have enough time to look it over and return it back to you before the deadline. 

**Newly added scholarships will have "added by" and date next to it in order to help you keep track of recently updated scholarships.

**Scholarships that must be turned into the Counseling Center will say, "local-must be submitted to the Counseling Center". Please submit these to Ms. Madsen and she will mail these scholarships for you. All other scholarships are either online or require you to mail it yourself. Your counselor is happy to look those over before you mail them. 

**If you are filling out a pdf application, you will need to make sure you are using something other than your chromebook because it does not allow you to save a pdf once you have typed on it. 

Scholarships (Listed by due date)



Scholarship Title: The Recovery Village Health Care Scholarship
Amount: $1,000
Deadline: June 30th, 2019 (reoccurring) 
Where to find the application:
Brief Description: A $1,000 award will be given to a student pursuing a health-related degree program. Areas of study that will be considered include, but are not limited to, counseling, social work, emergency medicine, pre-med, nursing, psychology (with a focus on addiction counseling or a substance-abuse related field). Applicants must submit an essay no more than 500 words describing why they are passionate about health care, with a focus on substance abuse and mental health. Essays can draw from personal or professional experience.

Students must meet two of the three following academic criteria: ACT of 30 or higher, ranked in top 5% of class, minimum GPA of 3.5 in the 17-class core curriculum.  Must also enroll as a full-time student and commit to living on campus for 2 years. In addition, candidates are evaluated on their community and/or school involvement as well as leadership abilities.  Must be fully admitted to UMKC before December 1st. Students applying for the 6-year med program, school of pharmacy (including pre-pharmacy), and architectural studies are not eligible for this scholarship.  Applications are available online at


Elks Scholarship - "Most Valuable Student"




November 5, 2018

This award is given on a point system based on ACT score, verified financial need, evidence of school and community leadership skills, academics, extracurricular activities, recommendations and essay. The organization, completeness, and neatness of the application are also important. Applicants may submit up to 10 exhibits of achievement in academics, athletics, dramatics, leadership, community service, etc. (a resume/activity list is NOT an exhibit). An application will be emailed to the student from Students need to take the ACT before November. Your application must be in a folder with inside pockets and clasps.  Everything, except items in sealed envelopes, should be three-hole punched and placed in the clasps of the folder. Information is available online at