Students must meet two of the three following academic criteria: ACT of 30 or higher, ranked in top 5% of class, minimum GPA of 3.5 in the 17-class core curriculum.  Must also enroll as a full-time student and commit to living on campus for 2 years. In addition, candidates are evaluated on their community and/or school involvement as well as leadership abilities.  Must be fully admitted to UMKC before December 1st. Students applying for the 6-year med program, school of pharmacy (including pre-pharmacy), and architectural studies are not eligible for this scholarship.  Applications are available online at


Elks Scholarship - "Most Valuable Student"




November 5, 2018

This award is given on a point system based on ACT score, verified financial need, evidence of school and community leadership skills, academics, extracurricular activities, recommendations and essay. The organization, completeness, and neatness of the application are also important. Applicants may submit up to 10 exhibits of achievement in academics, athletics, dramatics, leadership, community service, etc. (a resume/activity list is NOT an exhibit). An application will be emailed to the student from Students need to take the ACT before November. Your application must be in a folder with inside pockets and clasps.  Everything, except items in sealed envelopes, should be three-hole punched and placed in the clasps of the folder. Information is available online at